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Lost Shareholders

is dedicated to keeping in touch with our shareholders and wants to ensure they can be reached for future corporate publications including the Shareholder newsletter or the eNewsletter, job openings, important notices and future distributions.

The contact information for many shareholders is not current, and we need your help to find these lost shareholders. If you know anyone on this list, please tell them to contact us.

Current Lost Shareholders

  • Joseph Edward Bennett
  • Leon Venton Cain
  • Delon Chetkovich
  • Daniel Mason Choquette
  • Helen L Clements
  • Elizabeth Nicole Davis
  • Jordan Erickson
  • Darlene Eloise Fawcett
  • Albert A Garrison
  • John Abelard Garrison
  • Lenora Monica Johnson
  • Nicholas Kashevarof
  • Lena Lyons
  • Cory Allen MacDonald
  • Johanna Marie Mallott
  • John Nick Marvin Jr
  • Alfred McKinley Jr.
  • Arnold Serguis McLean
  • Timothy David Morgan
  • Theresa Ann Patterson
  • Randy Hayes Roberts
  • Daphne Rutter
  • Triska Marie See
  • Brandon Craig Sheakley
  • Ross Timothy Sheakley
  • Samuel Joseph St Clair
  • Brennen S. Stidd
  • Jefferson Myron Stivers Jr
  • Karl Joseph Travenshek
  • Lisa Annette Tribett
  • Vance Richard Webster III
  • Tallon Colt Westlake
  • Donal E Wick Jr
  • David Earl Workman
  • Paul Nicholas Wright